State Budget by Program
Statutory Requirement
The Legislative Budget Board is required by Section 34.06 of Senate Bill 1, Eighty-second Legislature, First Called Session, to place information on its website that provides additional program detail for items of appropriation in the General Appropriations Act (GAA). For each state agency and institution of higher education, the program detail must include the specific programs funded, the source of funding, and the related legal authority.

Overview of the State Budget by Program Application
The State Budget by Program (SBP) application provides the statutorily-required program-level information for the introduced and final versions of budget bills, including associated historical expenditures.

The amounts shown in SBP for all agency programs total to appropriations shown in the respective bill versions (and the published Legislative Budget Estimates, if applicable) for each agency and institution of higher education.
SBP is updated at the beginning of each legislative session (January of each odd-numbered year) to include the introduced version of the budget bill for the upcoming biennium and subsequently in the fall of that year to include the final version of the budget bill, or the General Appropriations Act . The GAA –– as published by the LBB –– reflects the Conference Committee Report, with adjustments to incorporate other enacted legislation affecting appropriations, and the Governor’s vetoes.
Strategy references (i.e., A.1.1., C.3.2., etc.) in SBP reports and downloads are the same as those in the associated Legislative Budget Estimates (LBE) document. However, strategy references in SBP reports and downloads may differ from those of the introduced and GAA bill version documents if strategies were zero-funded, added or moved during the budgeting process. In these instances, SBP reports and downloads will display an asterisk (*) instead of a strategy reference.

Programs in the Hierarchy of State Budget Elements
Programs are subsets of one or more strategies in the state budget and Program Categories group similar programs across agencies and institutions of higher education. In some cases, there is a one-to-one relationship between a strategy and a program. This graphic shows the elements of SBP within the hierarchy of the state budget structure.

Programs are informational and do not print in the general appropriations bills or the GAA.

SBP User Instructions
The report and download features allows you to obtain program information in predetermined formats (reports) or through downloads into raw data files or spreadsheets. Statewide reports and downloads provide program information based on the total state budget, while filters allow this information to be narrowed by selecting specific Program Categories, articles and agencies, Methods of Finance (funding sources) and/or keywords.

The following steps are abbreviated instructions. For more detailed instructions and additional information, you can select Using the System at the top of the SBP Home page .

Generating Reports and Downloads

1. Select the legislative Session.

2. Select a version of the budget bill. Options include the introduced version(s) and associated final version for the legislative session.

3. Select (1) Reports or (2) Download Raw Data File.

Option I: Generate Reports

    1. Select the predetermined report format to display information using the following:
  • Program Detail Report displays for each program all information required by Section 34.06 of Senate Bill1, Eighty-second Legislature, First Called Session, including a program description, the funding by method(s) of finance, and the federal and/or state authority for the program.
  • Programs by Strategy Report displays each program contained in a strategy.
  • Summary by Program Category Report displays programs, grouped by Program Category and agency or institution of higher education.
  • Program Comparison Report displays differences between programs based on selected bill versions.
    2. Select Run Statewide Report to obtain program information for all state agencies and institutions of higher education. To narrow the results, use the following filter option:

Option II: Download Raw Data File

    1. Select the desired download format from the following:
  • Excel format
  • XML format
Note that the download will contain program information for all state agencies and institutions of higher education. To narrow the results, use the filter option described below. 

Filtering Data for Reports and Downloads

To narrow the results of program information, optional filters may be used to select specific program categories, Articles and agencies, and Methods of Finance (e.g., funding sources). In addition, results may be narrowed further by using Keyword Filters which locate the exact text entered in this field as it appears in SBP program names and descriptions fields. If no filter selection is made, the result will return all items for that filter type.

1. Identify each desired filter:

  • Keyword –– enter the exact text as it may appear in the Program Name, Program Description, and/or legal authority fields. Keyword filters do not locate text in agency names, program categories, or methods of finance.
  • Category –– Select one or more Program Categories.
  • Article / Agency –– Select one or more Articles and/or agencies within an Article.
  • Method of Finance (MOF) –– Select one or more funding sources either by type (General Revenue, GR-Dedicated, Federal and Other) or by selecting specific accounts or funds within a MOF type.
2. Select Apply Filters.

3. Select the type of Report or Download.

4. Select Run Report if Report option is desired.

Printing Reports and Downloads

Refer to the directions provided in Using the System.

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